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Pedro Adelino 0

I have been really busy at work, with Christmas coming and both my workplaces needing my artistic way of making good coffee.

They need me to succeed and I need them too! Sure, I am there to help them, that’s why they pay me, but I love my job and I can easily distinguish from my colleagues when I am happy, creating things like double star, double love heart, love hearts on Hot Chocolates, Lattes and…Americanos! You name it!

My Foursquare check-ins are being updated every day and I have been winning some Mayor titles, which is great. I can show myself to everyone who uses this great piece of software.

I have also been working on my Project AM, buying sound hardware and setting up the necessary software.

Winter is here and cold is everywhere, but I keep myself on the move and online, thanks to my Android phone.



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