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Posts published in May 2013

Instagram + Tapporo

Pedro Adelino 0

Tapporo asked me and I installed Instagram just for this. 100 OROs earned! YEAH! [ad]


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Earn money online, start NOW! [ad]

Benfica champion again

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“It is the team with the most national senior titles, having the record for most championships, cups, league cups, supercups, and other national competitions. It is also the Portuguese team…

Visit Portugal

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The warm weather, the sea, the brightness, the colours, the landscapeā€¦ everything about Portugal is romantic. Bring the one you love and live a romantic story in a country full…

Resident Evil : Retribution

Pedro Adelino 0 Very bad movie! Not good enough for a Resident Evil fan like me! 1 star out of 5! And this was Home Cinema. šŸ˜€ [ad]

Iron Man 3 3D

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Great movie, but the first Iron Man was the best! 3 stars out of 5! [ad]


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Install AppTrailers on your phone (Android/iOS) and start earning money. Refer to your friends and get even more money. You can redeem for prizes or Paypal cash! It works, yesterday…

21 And Over

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Funny movie, but very poor! 1 star out of 5! [ad]

Twisted Love

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I am Twisted, and so is my Love… Proud to be STRONG! [ad]

Google I/O 2013

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Let’s check what’s new at Google! Hope Google can escape Westminster attack… [ad]