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Posts published in “United Kingdom”

Execute the Coffee

Pedro Adelino 0

Stage 1 completed with a big smile. 😆 Stage 2 begins soon… I will be back…

One in a million

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Employee :“Thank you, not many are like you.” Me :“I know, I know!” 💪😉🇵🇹 #unique #proud #example #strong #wise

I am Amazing

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12 years in the UK! I am stronger than ever before. Let’s go!

Update on Andre Moura’s death

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Come on CPS, we demand justice! I will share this tragic event forever, there’s no way to escape it! The truth always wins!For you Andre Moura! R.I.P.!

11 years

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So, 11 years ago I moved to London, UK. Was it easy? Yes. Was it a nice experience? Yes. I like London very much. That’s why I am going back…

10 years of UK

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A lot could be said, but I will never forget these words “if I could have Portuguese employees only”. Please check my YouTube channel for videos of my UK10 raves,…