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Welcome 2019

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New year, new server, new blog, new ideas, new projects, new challenges, new Pedro. I’ve finished v1.2 of my new website index page. I’ve also coded a retro look index…

Best UK 3G SIMs

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TPO (EE) Power Bundle – £5 – 500 texts, 500 mins, 500MB TPO (EE) Saver £4.99 – £4.99 – 250 texts, 250 mins, 250MB TPO (EE) Saver £9.99 – £9.99…

Bio-Ship Paladin

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Finally I remembered the name of one of my favorite games of all time! [ad]

Fast AppTrailers

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AppTrailers is part of my Atlan Money and I want it to be as profitable as possible so I had a brilliant idea, inspired by Fast and Furious…I now call…

YES! I cracked it!

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After many hours, I cracked it…I used my skills as always, I am strong enough to do it without help! VICTORY! YES! If you want to earn money, please check…

Project M2

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Busy at work. Check this link for updates : [ad]


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A long time ago, I was a customer of VIA NET.WORKS. They messed with me, I attacked them using my skills, they lost. They were shut down forever in Portugal and…

Welcome 2015 and latest news

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Hi there, It’s been a while , I know, I haven’t posted much on my blog this year, simply because I have been really busy, like always, but I am…

Sci-fi day

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Today was a great sci-fi film day. Why? I watched 2 sci-fi films at the cinema, the first one was Jupiter Ascending in IMAX 3D. And the second film, was…

Eminem- Rabbit Run

Pedro Adelino 0 Run… [ad]