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Posts published in July 2013


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Went to the library and got 2 books… get ready bitch! [ad]


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Chocolate Frapuccino! [ad]

Skyride Manchester

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I won’t go this time 🙁 [ad]


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Naughty Argos… £199????? Just wait… [ad]

Didsbury house

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Nop. Not good enough for me! [ad]

Monsters University

Pedro Adelino 0 Very funny movie 😀 Well done Pixar! 3 stars out of 5! [ad]

World War Z

Pedro Adelino 0 Nothing new… could be a lot better! Even the name of the film doesn’t have anything to do with the film! 2 stars out of 5! [ad]

Breathe In Deep

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YES! Another great tune fro AvB! [ad]

Pacific Rim IMAX 3D

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Great movie! Amazing 3D effects! Loved it! But could be a lot better! 3 stars out of 5. [ad]