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Posts published in October 2013

Christina Coffee

Pedro Adelino 0

Sourced from Brazil… Great coffee since 1804. From Portugal with Passion. [ad]

Go Green

Pedro Adelino 0

Time for Mr. Special One to go green… …and to save a few hundred pounds too…simple! [ad]


Pedro Adelino 0

Thank you Queen. The missing cheque has arrived, after 3 years! As always I will be monitoring closely your activities. I am no charity…I am just a hard working Portuguese…


Pedro Adelino 0

This is my first Resignation Letter in the UK. Professional as always… Bye bye shitland! [ad]

Addicted To You

Pedro Adelino 0 “I am addicted to you…like a powerful drug…” I GOT THE JOB! Time to move on, to make hundreds of pounds more…to leave pennies behind… YEAH! [ad]

Thanks Amazon…again

Pedro Adelino 0

This time I got £25. Keep it up…he he he. [ad]

Escape Plan

Pedro Adelino 0

Nice movie, lots of action. 3 stars out of 5! [ad]


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Very good movie. 3 stars out of 5! [ad]

BIOS hack

Pedro Adelino 0

Let’s hack this BIOS. [ad]


Pedro Adelino 0

Jobs at Cross Street, Manchester. [ad]