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Posts published in “Travel”

Bye Glasgow

Pedro Adelino 0

It’s been a lovely time. See you soon Scotland.


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It’s friddaaaayyyyyy Relaxing with a nice Matcha Green Tea!


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Work hard, play HARDER! Sheffield, Blackpool… Next up…

French Sessions

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Bonjour, un cafe s’il vous plait. I travelled more than 530 miles (860 kilometers) in about 3 days. I couldn’t say no to a Pastel de Nata in Toulouse and…

1st LS2020

Pedro Adelino 0

Hello London, I am back. It’s time to party, to celebrate and to be proud of my victories in 2019! This is only the 1st London Sessions, many more will…


Pedro Adelino 0

And that’s a wrap! Just arrived from my last holidays in Ireland, Portugal, Holland, Belgium. Life’s too short, enjoy it!