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Posts published in “ProjectM2”

Phase 1 completed!

Pedro Adelino 0

Project M2, phase 2 : – upgrade the CPU cooler – overclock even more the CPU – disable iGPU to reduce heat on the CPU – add more and faster…

M.2 drive temperature test

Pedro Adelino 0

After many hours comparing benchmarks and checking motherboard compatibility, I finally decided which will be the M.2 SSD drive for my Project M2. It will be the Plextor PX-G128 M6e.…


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M.2 SSD and Blu-Ray

Pedro Adelino 0

This is the new M.2 SSD ready to be hacked… And this is the new Blu-Ray recorder… [ad]

Antec meets Yoshimura

Pedro Adelino 0

This is the Antec P100 case ready to be modded with Yoshimura… [ad] [ad]

GeIL RAM just arrived!

Pedro Adelino 0

Professional GeIL RAM just arrived from the USA, it only took 9 days. I like the “Read me before unleashing the beast” caution note! Follow my Project M2. [ad]