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Posts published in April 2020

First apps for iOS

Pedro Adelino 0

I’ve converted my 2 Bash Scripts into C language. Please feel free to comment and contribute. Cydiareposbypedro. Chmod777fixbypedro. Cydiafixbypedro.


Pedro Adelino 0

I am now on GitHub. Check my repo :

iPhoneOS 13.4 SDK

Pedro Adelino 0

If you develop apps on the iPhone, you need the SDK. Download the SDK, unzip the file and copy the folder to your iPhone. I use Theos, so I have…

Fix iOS permissions

Pedro Adelino 0

Please only use this Script to fix Cellular Data, iMessage and FaceTime issues.Execute this Script with Filza after downloading.Make sure “su” password is still “alpine”. Download Script. All done. Have…

Cydia repos

Pedro Adelino 0

I am working on my Bash Script to add more repos to Cydia after a fresh install.You can add these repos (sources) from your browser : 1 – Cydiakk2 –…

Site security

Pedro Adelino 0

Don’t forget to verify your server’s security. You can use WPScan to test your WordPress installation and fail2ban to ban dangerous IP addresses. Make sure you get no red warnings…