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Posts published in January 2014

Devil’s Due

Pedro Adelino 0

Bad film! 1 star out of 5! [ad]

EE amateurs

Pedro Adelino 0

Let’s check EE’s reply to my complaints… [ad]

Today’s film

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Seat 13… [ad]

Google Play

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Great tune to make my day even better. ATB on every moment of my life! [ad]

Joana Vasconcelos

Pedro Adelino 0

A portuguese artist… At Manchester Art Gallery. [ad]

Thanks again Maximiles

Pedro Adelino 0

Just received my new reward. Ready to install a few OS. [ad]

When It Ends It Starts Again

Pedro Adelino 0 YES! SO TRUE! Thanks ATB for your new album “Contact”. Live your life fuck the rest… [ad]

openSUSE upgrade

Pedro Adelino 0

Now upgrading my old openSUSE 11.2 to 11.3… Expecting some issues and some work on the terminal… [ad]


Pedro Adelino 0

Finally TAP will have some tough competition! It’s the end of their monopoly. Starting April there will be direct flights from Manchester to Lisbon. The flight times are good and…

Cinema : American Hustle

Pedro Adelino 0

Nice movie but you can do better Hollywood. 2 stars out of 5! [ad]