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Posts published in April 2012

New Prometheus Trailer

Pedro Adelino 0

  Can’t wait for this movie!   I promise I will watch it 3 times!   [ad]

Google Drive

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  Already on my Android phone.   [ad]

Carnation Revolution

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  “I  will continue the fight” – In the picture.   Not only today, but let’s not forget that Portugal marked the world, defined the first lines in the civilised…

Optimizing Investments

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  Just finished optimizing my investments. They are looking good!   [ad]


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  Nice tune to start the day.   [ad]


Pedro Adelino 0   Good movie, but I will give it only 3 stars out of 5.   [ad]

21 Jump Street

Pedro Adelino 0   Funny movie, 2 stars out of 5.   [ad]


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  Fifth track of Chicane’s new album : Thousand Mile Stare.   [ad]

2 pounds! Again!

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  And after nearly 4 years, I found another 2 pounds…   Reminds me that day at the Lisbon International Airport, when I found a 2 pounds coin. This time…