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Posts published in April 2013


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Pedro : “Thank You! You are now a Nielsen Family member! Thank you for joining the Nielsen//NetRatings family and setting up your profile. We hope you’ll enjoy helping us shape…


Pedro Adelino 0 Great movie! Loved it! Sci-fi in it’s best! 4 stars out of 5! [ad]

Scary Movie 5

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Silly movie! Not scary, not funny! 1 star out of 5! [ad]

TAP is the unquestionable leader

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Full story link :–and-worlds-leading-airline-to-south-america-in-new-delhi- Proud to be Portuguese! Proud to represent the most Pioneer country in the World! Portugal! [ad]

Croods 3D

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Actually loved this film, very funny. 3 stars out of 5! [ad]

Mr Hacker

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ZG5’s BIOS is fixed! Next! [ad]

Evil Dead

Pedro Adelino 0 Great movie, very scary. 3 stars out of 5! [ad]


Pedro Adelino 0 Ricardinho – Best Futsal player in the world is Portuguese! From Benfica to Nagoya Ocean, showing the world, the Portuguese power! [ad]

End Of Line

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Play with me, and it’s End Of Line for you, you have been warned! [ad]