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Generate money every time you see an advert. If you live outside the UK, you will need a VPN like Tunnel Bear. Download and install the free version here :…

Bitcoin mining

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I am developing my very first Bitcoin mining project. It will be powered by Solar Energy, so zero, yes, ZERO cost in terms of electricity. Check this page for more…


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I started development of Keturi in 2016, as a Windows app, then moved to a JavaScript version, for Web use, Android (Kotlin) version is in the works. I promised that…


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Red Spot #3

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Energy for the week powered by a nice portuguese “alheira” meal. Long talk about Ferdinand Magellan. I also took the chance to show my latest project, Fast Apptrailers… [ad]

CTT shares

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Working on new Atlan Money subdomains for my website and waiting for the right moment to sell my shares, they are looking really good… [ad]