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Posts published in July 2021


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New Downloads section added with only a few ISO files to help the Open Source community. All ISOs have been downloaded using Torrents and are also being uploaded with Bit…

Quake Champions

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441GB of data in bad sectors? 2395598 read errors? Faulty update? Dangerous 106MB patch? Anti Linux? Enough is enough! Message to Bethesda : Fix your bugs! Respect players! Bye!

OpenSolaris 2008.05

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Single-user mode Reboot At the GRUB prompt, hit e for edit Arrow down to the kernel$ line Hit e to edit Append -s to the end of the line and hit enter Hit b to start booting When prompted, type…


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Stop lying to your customers! I know that Three is blocking GRE connections and I also know that speed limitations are in place. Focus more on your customers and your…