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Posts published by “Pedro Adelino”

Community Manager.
Software Developer.
Pro Hacker.
Pro Gambler.

From Lisbon with Love.

Give With Bing

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I am now helping 3 organizations together with Microsoft. You can help too. Let’s build a better world. #GiveWithBing #Microsoft #Rewards #Bing

Execute the Coffee

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Stage 1 completed with a big smile. 😆 Stage 2 begins soon… I will be back…

One in a million

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Employee :“Thank you, not many are like you.” Me :“I know, I know!” 💪😉🇵🇹 #unique #proud #example #strong #wise

No justice!

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Fuck you UK. Fuck you GMP. Fuck you CPS. Fuck you IOPC. I will have my revenge!

Whitebox returns

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My Whitebox is back online, after about 2 years offline. I am working with SamKnows again to help improving the internet in the UK. Yes, the internet in the UK…


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PinePhone UBports Community Edition is here! Let the hacking begin.

Email wars

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Here I am again fighting with ignorant people but I will teach them another lesson. They will pay, trust me!


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Time to relax, time to listen to the waves, time to eat fish and chips. I didn’t come to the UK because of the food or the weather or the…

I am Amazing

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12 years in the UK! I am stronger than ever before. Let’s go!