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Posts published by “Pedro Adelino”

Community Manager.
Software Developer.
Pro Hacker.
Pro Gambler.

From Lisbon with Love.

Wait X

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Not long now. I just need to tweak a few lines of code. Soon your platform will be the best stage for a war.

Give up X

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I’ve detected what you’ve done. It doesn’t really matter! What matters is my plan to make you pay.


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Your time has ended. You have not done enough to protect your platform. Now the fire begins!


Pedro Adelino 0

One more BTC payment on the way. Next step, invest and earn 6%.


Pedro Adelino 0

Thanks London! Underground, Overground, Boat… Nonstop it was!


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Hello! Long time no see! First day of the cyber event was mint. Now, let’s explore and earn crypto.


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One more payment received. It’s time to invest!

M$ again

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You think you had it but it turns out I was watching every move of yours. My plan is ready! Enjoy the tsunami!

Moving on

Pedro Adelino 0

Patience can turn obstacles into stepping stones.


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Feel the PAIN Putin! Learn the LESSON Russia!