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Posts published by “Pedro Adelino”

Community Manager.
Software Developer.
Pro Hacker.
Pro Gambler.

From Lisbon with Love.

Hello Lisbon

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Give me that light. It’s time to reload.

Next stop : Algarve

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Let’s chase the sun. Play hard, work harder!

I always win

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Don’t even try to resist M$. YEAAAAAAH!!!!!


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Now working on my next Lisbon Sessions.

Putin Cyber Blitz

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It’s time we come together and DESTROY these Ru***** mother****!!! I’ve posted this on different social networks, they can block one of my accounts, not all accounts! You can’t stop…

Thanks M$

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I told ya that it wouldn’t work. Please try again!


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Survive. Adapt. Thrive.

Really M$?

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That new approach isn’t going to work! Trust me!

Keep calm

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And stay calm! Make more love and less war! Be strong!