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Posts published by “Pedro Adelino”

Community Manager.
Software Developer.
Pro Hacker.
Pro Gambler.

From Lisbon with Love.


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First App written in Dart using Flutter SDK and Visual Studio Code.

Upgrade #2

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GD09 is getting even stronger! May…

Weekly target

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My new GD09 has allowed me to reach the target.

DTX Manchester 2022

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I’m going to Digital Transformation EXPO Manchester (27-28 April 2022). It covers the technologies that enable digital transformation (cloud, cyber security, networks, data & AI, unified communications) and I thought…

Thanks Grandad

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I will see you soon. Obrigado


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First scheduled upgrade for my new GD09. Extra processing power!

Pseudo Hackers

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Stop wasting my time! Do you even try?!

Raven 3 AKA GD09

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Yet another crypto mining project… Plan : super cooling, energy efficient, very cheap, high profits.


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I’ve just made a donation in Bitcoin. If you want to help, please use this BTC wallet : 357a3So9CbsNfBBgFYACGvxxS6tMaDoa1P