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Posts published in May 2012

Fedora 17 is OUT!

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  Fedora Project website :   [ad]

I love Cape Verde

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  I love Cape Verde!   [ad]

Lisbon – Startup City

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  Lovely Lisbon, birthplace of lovely people.   Love you Lisbon!   [ad]

Google WINS!

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  And there you go! Android is FREE!   Full story here :   Google WINS AGAIN! Android WINS AGAIN! Linux WINS AGAIN!   [ad]

ATB again

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  Already loving this track! Can’t wait to get the album!   [ad]

Mini Holidays

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  Finally, some holidays! This time I am staying “home”, to recharge my batteries…   Real holidays in the works, and of course I didn’t forget Lisbon Sessions 3…  …

Where Do I Start?

Pedro Adelino 0   Question of the moment…   Been fighting this battle for years…   I will never stop! I will never give up! I will all my blood! I will…

Black King

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  Today I found that card on my way…   What does it mean?   [ad]

U And Me

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  Great tune!   [ad]

Tizen 1.0

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  Tizen reaches 1.0. YES!   Full post here :   Go Intel and Samsung!   [ad]