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Project M2

I am working on a new silent and powerful gaming and workstation computer for personal/professional use. That means I am really busy with research, stress tests, overclocking, etc. I like to choose the parts, so I can optimize the configuration using my knowledge and skills. This also means I have not been sleeping very well, because of the long hours reading and doing calculations, as well as sourcing the components at the best price.

So far, this is what will form my next M2 power computer :

CPU : Intel i7 4770K
Cost : £186 (Thanks eBay, R.R.P. :£220 on

Unboxing & Overview of this CPU :


Thermal Compound : Arctic MX-2
Cost : £0 (Thanks eBay, R.R.P. : £3.20 on eBay)

More info at :


RAM : GeIL DDR3 PC3-23400 2933Mhz Frost white Evo Potenza Dual Channel
Cost : £120.79 (R.R.P. : $208.94 on – $174.39 for me, thanks

More info about this memory :

Video about the advanced production techniques including DBT used at the factory, in Taipei, Taiwan :


Motherboard : Asus Maximus VII Ranger Intel Z97 ATX – 1150 socket
Cost : £0 (Thanks, R.R.P. : £129.99)

More info about this motherboard :

Asus RAM Qualified Vendors List for this motherboard :

Asus devices Qualified Vendors List for this motherboard:

Video about this motherboard :



This project will use 2 GPUs in SLI mode, each GPU has 8GB of VRAM and with current drivers, only 1 set of VRAM is used (main GPU’s 8GB) but the newest DirectX12 and Mantle APIs will combine VRAM, using all the VRAM of both GPUs in SLI mode!

2GB VS 4GB video about this GPU :


Power Source Unit (PSU) : COOLERMASTER G750M Modular ATX
Cost : £3.98 (Thanks, R.R.P. : £69.99)

Unboxing video :


PC Case : Antec P100
Cost : £62.87 (Aria PC Technology)

More info about this case :

Review video :


Optical Drive : Pioneer BDR-209EBK
Cost : £62.87 (Aria PC Technology)


Storage Drive : Plextor PX-G128 M6e M.2 2280 PCIe Gen2 x2
Cost : £89.91. (

More info about this drive :


Work in progress, stay tuned for more…


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