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Cydia repos

Pedro Adelino 0

I am working on my Bash Script to add more repos to Cydia after a fresh install.
You can add these repos (sources) from your browser :

1 – Cydiakk
2 – IphoneCake
3 – Ichitaso
4 – Akemi
5 – Angelxwind
6 – Oatmealdome
7 – Telaaedifex
8 – HackYouriPhone
9 – Arx8x

Or, you can download the repos list file and the Bash Script file. Long press and select Download File.

1 – List file
2 – Script file

To execute the Script, you can use Filza File Manager to access Downloads folder and select the Script, it should open a Bash terminal and execute the Script.
If it doesn’t work, try “chmod + x” and then execute it.
The Script will copy the list file to “/etc/apt/sources.list.d”, then open Cydia and refresh the sources.

All done. Have fun!

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