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Distribution Release: Dream Studio 11.10

Pedro Adelino 0

“Dick MacInnis has announced the release of Dream Studio 11.10, an Ubuntu-based distribution with focus on multimedia and creative work: “ is proud to announce the official release of Dream Studio 11.10. This exciting new version of Dream Studio has all the features that have made past releases one of the most successful multimedia software packages out there, including: multi-user, PulseAudio-integrated real-time audio via JACK, for use with programs like Ardour; the renowned Cinelerra video editor, a full graphic and web design suite; photography tools; and hundreds of assorted audio and video effects, fonts, and utilities for everything from multimedia file conversion to simple office work and web browsing. Not only that, but this latest version of Dream Studio also included hundreds of bug fixes and the following new features. Read the remainder of the release announcement to learn more. Download: dreamstudio_11.10.iso (1,862MB).”

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