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Pedro Adelino 0

A long time ago, I was a customer of VIA NET.WORKS. They messed with me, I attacked them using my skills, they lost. They were shut down forever in Portugal and after that :

“On October 21, 2005, Interoute and VIA NET.WORKS completed the acquisition and sale of VIA’s operating subsidiaries and business assets. The transaction includes the VIA NET.WORKS, Inc. operations in Spain, France and Germany, in addition to all PSINet Europe operations in Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland.”

Here is my message to the world at that time :

“Via Networks, another company in Portugal trying to fuck the Internet!

What did they do?
-They scammed their users (and me), with a pseudo contract and traffic shaping (check Wikipedia)!

What did I do? Well, just a few damn things :
-Developed Kinet (Netmax module), a software to fight back their traffic shaping
-Signed petitions, forums and used SPAM as a weapon to warn users
-Created a main website showing all of their scams
-Fucked their website and email
-and so on, and so on…

I fucked them really good! They closed operations and were bought by Claranet, an UK based company!

They really annoyed me! With court threats! Ha ha ha ha…bunch of amateurs!

Final score : Me 100 – Via Networks 0


WARNING : Just leave me in peace! I am a no good smell flower! I become the devil once I get turned on!”


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