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Welcome 2015 and latest news

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Hi there,

It’s been a while , I know, I haven’t posted much on my blog this year, simply because I have been really busy, like always, but I am here and I am even stronger. I have been using Instagram and Twitter more often but I do love my blog so much that I might be changing it again…for better…and from now on, every single post will show up here first and only after on Facebook and company, posts will be longer as well and you will have even more ways to make money with my blog, stay tuned…

I have lots of new and great ideas, which you will soon find out. I even forgot to celebrate my 6 years in the UK. Anyway, here it goes…

Well, not much to celebrate, really, life in the UK is getting boring, nothing like Portugal, that’s why I travel there a lot, but hey, I am here because I have a plan, a secret plan and no one knows about it. I rarely talk about my jobs but all I can say it’s easy to become a manager here, which doesn’t mean you are good, in Portugal you really have to be good, you have to be a professional, but here any amateur can be a manager. Don’t count with me to do a bad job, I don’t even need references, put me working for 1 month and you will know a bit of me, keep me motivated and you got yourself a great professional, just like Ronaldo, professional at what he does. Everyone knows I am an artist, with focus and lots of attention to detail, being 6 years in the UK I still have to find someone at my level, there’s not really a challenge here! One thing I’ve learned in the UK : If you want a thing done well, do it yourself!

Happy birthday to me, I am 35 years old, yes, time goes fast.

I am getting wiser and evolving and I do hope to discover more about me in the next years.

This is my blog, my website, I do what I want with it! I am Portuguese and I am proud!


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