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Yes, I am here to talk about this subject again – Mentality.

Today, during a chat with a great friend, living in Boston, USA, he said that USA is going down as a country, that american dream, is just like it sounds, just a dream, and even said “USA shit”.

The north american economy is not as strong as it used to be. He wants to open a business in Portugal, but notices that everyone is so negative, we are used to it, anyway.

He then changes to Europe, but we all know Europe is not good economically. Mentality in Portugal has to change, I have always said it and I am the first to support a new culture for Portugal.

Here in the UK, I  criticise the famous “CBA mentality”, a very british “thing of the past”.

Check my previous post :

Enough is enough, no more melancholy, more work is what Portugal needs! China produces 24h per day and our money is there!

Only fighting, we can reach goals.

Come on Portugal!


usa is going down as a country, that american dream , is just like it sounds , just a dream

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