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Posts published in March 2013


Pedro Adelino 0

Yeah! another Bonus Payment! [ad]

TAP Victoria

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Just received it. Thanks TAP. [ad]


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  “Dear Pedro Adelino, We have credited your account with… To check your balance, please log on to…”   Yes! Keep it coming…always fighting me! Always winning 😀 Next… [ad]


Pedro Adelino 0 Great movie! 3 stars out of 5! [ad]

Life Of Pi 3D

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Finally, I watched Life Of Pi in 3D. Very good movie. [ad]


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Not impressed. Everyone knows I am very demanding. Finally, I went to Bowlers, and wasted my time! Who are they trying to fool? First and last time there. Went to…

Today’s movie

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And to eat, one of the new Costa Banoffe muffins. [ad]

Making money

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UK is good to make money, everyone knows that… Just another penny in my way, ha ha. [ad]


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The most complete football ever. Period! [ad]